Company History

Technology has always been a hobbyhorse of our founder. During his time in the telecommunications industry, he made the decision to pursue his interest and now also to offer other enthusiasts various solutions. Out of this motivation emerged the technology startup EasyWay Deutschland GmbH and thus the bike-sharing brand FLEXBEEe as well as the digital platform EarlyBEEe.


We have developed a cost effective sales model where anyone can buy quality products. The trick: in mass it is cheaper. This means that we offer certain action models and these become cheaper when certain quantities are reached. After the end of the campaign, all buyers receive the product at the previously achieved staggering price and what has been overpaid until then will be refunded. In addition, we offer complete transparency: you will find all information on the price graduations, products, quantities and duration on our homepage. Upon request, information on the sales products can also be obtained by e-mail.